Terms and Conditions & Placement Fees

An offer of employment to a candidate introduced by Angel Placements shall be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions and placement fees.

Angel Placements acts solely as an introductory service and does not directly or indirectly employ applicants.

The Client is responsible for income tax and national insurance payments of the employee. We can put you in touch with a specialist company which will do it all for you.

The Client must provide a contract for the employee and ensure they are covered for employee liability insurance.

Introductions are confidential. Clients may not pass on information relating to any candidate which the agency has introduced to them. If any such information given, results in employment of a candidate, then the full placement fee will become payable.

Angel Placements endeavours to verify candidates’ backgrounds and suitability of candidates but the responsibility lies with the Client. Clients are advised to obtain their own references to satisfy themselves as to the suitability if the candidate.

The Agency shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, expense, damage, delay, costs or compensations (whether direct, indirect or consequential) which may be suffered or incurred by the Client, as a result of an introduction by the agency.

Placement Fees

Permanent Placement

  • 1 day a week - £250
  • 2 days a week - £370
  • 3 days a week - £490
  • 4 days a week - £610
  • 5 days a week - £730

Sole Agency Clients receive 25% discount

  • Temporary Placement - £85 per week (or part week.)
  • Maternity Nurse - £100 per week (or part week)

The Client must notify Angel Placements immediately an offer of employment has been made. Fees are then payable for the introduction of the candidate, once an offer is accepted and confirmed.

Fees are payable in full within 7 workings days of invoice date. An additional surcharge of 10% per 14 days will become payable on overdue accounts. No refund/guarantee will apply, when an account becomes overdue.

The fee charged is for one engagement only. Additional candidates introduced by the agency and then employed by the Client will be charged a further fee.

If a candidate is employed on a temporary basis and is then made permanent, the full permanent placement fee becomes payable.

Temporary placement is less than 12 weeks.

If the Client cancels a placement that has been agreed, before it commences 50% of placement fee will still apply.


We offer a 4 week guarantee for all permanent placements. If a candidate should leave within the first 4 weeks of start date, a free replacement will be offered.

Provided that:

  • Angel Placements has been notified immediately.
  • Invoice has been paid in full within 7 days of invoice date
  • Working conditions have not changed from original job description/contract.

If no suitable replacement can be found within 4 weeks, then a full refund excluding a £85 administration charge, will be made.

No refund/guarantee will apply if a candidate leaves due to the Client breaking terms and conditions of contract.